Chair Hopper fun

Additional Information

Rules & Guidelines-CHAIR HOPPER- WEAVE IT UP FUN                                

$50 REGISTRATION FEE (fee covers entry to the show plus promotions of the stylist)

 *You must match the style to the picture (pics will be provided) YOU WILL RECEIVE THE PIC ON THE SPOT

* It's like Musical Chairs.... The stylist set-up in one spot ....Then they start the model who has a style that must be done (the pic)...The music changes then the model must get up and dance her way around until the music stops...she sits in the chair next to her...that stylist must work on the model until the music changes again. This lasts for 1 hour. Let's see what we get at the end!!!!

* Your model is provided for you
* Prior to introduction, your models should be dressed /make-up done
* Contestant must supply their own styling cape, tools, and supplies 
* Cutting and styling is a must 
* Live model is mandatory 
* Contestant will be allowed to set up 30 minutes before start time. Set up 4 pm, the fun begins at 4:30 pm 
* Contestants will receive hair from......Sponsor.......
* Bonding and/or sewing is allowed 

* Contestants have One hour (60 minutes) to complete a full head of extensions, which include haircut and style. Any haircutting tools and    implements are accepted 

 * Curve Balls are thrown at you such as: 
* We make take one tool from you, you have additives (not by your choice), The unexpected will occur (we can’t disclose all the possibilities) Just     be ready! 

* Styles may include but are not limited to: Short pixie cut, updos, Bobs, Fantasy hairdo, Long styles, Natural weave styles, Braids, and more

* You must check in by 10 am