Class descriptions- Hair Replacement


Hair Replace for Locs aka Loc Units -JustinKace Artistic Team

Individuals with Locs too are greatly impacted by hair loss which can affect ones self-image and self-esteem. We will show you how to become a Loc Unit service specialist and how to increase your income. Gain knowledge on how to perform this seamless technique which is similar to the manweave technique. Find out what to charge for the services, client consultations, tools/supplies needed

Plus so much more...


• Tools and Supplies Needed

• Loc Unit Technique

• Maintenance Technique

• Removal Technique

• Marketing Strategies

The Causes of Hair Loss- Doris Mosley

Hair Loss right now is at an epidemic high and it effects men, women and children of all ages. Doris will discuss the Six Main Causes of Hair Loss and will offer Hair Loss Solutions.

The Business of Trichology- Donyelle McBride

Building the right business model for your Trichology practice is key! Receive "success-nuggets" from International Trichologist and co-author of "Hairy Tales" Donyelle V. McBride. Not sure which Forms, Contracts, Agreements to use? How to interpret Bio-chemical scans? How to get clients/patients to purchase treatment plans? and much more...

My clients are losing their hair!- Donyelle McBride

Your clients are losing their hair and your treatments aren't working! Becoming a certified hair practitioner isn't for every professional stylist however, knowing how to help your client restore their hair is! Learn the underlying causes to helping your clients restore their hair. Learn today's #1 cause of alopecia Why hair restoration is more than DHT To effectively help your clients with hair loss, become properly equipped with the education and knowledge most stylists never consider!

Medical Edition: The Truth About Cranial Prosthesis Templates-Gigi Ford

The design of the hair template determines the prosthetic result. The correct

design template and the markings placed upon them are critical in order to

obtain a perfect aesthetic for clients struggling with alopecia, chemotherapy,

burns, lupus, etc. Capture the exact measurements of your client’s head shape,

curvature & hair loss area in minutes electronically using 3-D Scan. Go from 30-

60 min to less than 10 min using this next generation technology, 3-D Scan.

LIVE DEMO of a 3-D Scan

NO Tape Mold, NO Cast Mold, and NO Silicone Mold

No shipping to the factory.

All done electronically with this next generation technology



More Hair loss/ replacement


Non Surgical Hair replacement- Men Units--Nicole Ferguson

This hair replacement class offers vital information pertaining to Hairloss. You

will learn different strategies and solutions for hair loss areas by using custom

systems such men units, alopecia units.

Atendees will learn proper measurements, molding, correct cap construction.

Atendees will also learn how to properly install, remove and maintenance

custom unit and learn the difference

between Cosmetic vs. Medical (Cranial Prosthesis) and more. Students will also

gain knowledge on billinh insurance company for hairloss clients.

Trichology for Weavologists Made Simple- Dave Ray

We will cover the fundamentals of Trichology for Weavologists as seen on the global stage. Easy ways to make this discipline make sense to you, while expanding your business. Be a part of the new approach the hair’s health and restoration.




Eye Lashes


 Ready for added Income???? Eyelash Extensions Services are a growing as a business and you want to be ready for the in fluctuation of clients that are ready for this service!!!! Learn to apply eyelash extensions and the proper removal. 





Calling all Salon Owners! Are you tired of slaving behind the chair, having unreliable staff, seeing the money come in but having no idea where it all went. Making money is easy KEEPING IT is the struggle. You can't fix this problem if you don’t know what’s broken. This class is designed to SHOW YOU THE MONEY! We will discuss the following………………. 1. 3 MONTH MONEY CHALLENGE 2. HOW MUCH PRODUCT DOES ONE CLIENT USE? 3. WHAT IS EACH CLIENT WORTH TO YOU PER 4 YEAR.? 4. GROSS PROFIT/ NET PROFIT 5. WHAT IS YOUR NET WORTH? 6. HOW TO MARK UP RETAIL 7. SAVINGS CALENDER. 8. HOW TO DO A BUDGET.

Why Did You Open Your Salon Anyway? - Niki Smith

“WHY DID YOU OPEN THE SALON IN THE FIRST PLACE?” There's no accident that you're reading this class description. You thought your talent was gonna sustain you and now you're realizing that "talent is not enough". This call is to all salon owners that are tired of barely surviving in your salon. This class is designed to and prompt you to restructure your salon in the areas of............ • Top 5 reasons business fail • Why your vision matters! • Salon retail and merchandising • Salon marketing and branding • The new salon model "Salon Coops" • Paper makes permanent (contracts) • Booth rental vs. commission • How to hire and who to fire! • Are you covered? 

Importing Commercial Hair from India and Asia- Torain

This class is designed to enable hair designers and entrepreneurs to contact reputable commercial hair manufacturers in India and Asia. It will include everything they will need to know about importation, Prices, customs practices, where the offices of the major companies are located in the United States and what markets are available overseas.Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Six Figure Passive Income Distributing Hair- Dondi Martin

Six figure Passive Income Distributing Hair This class will focus on distributing and earning passive income without having to spend a lot of money buying inventory. We will teach you how to earn income 10 different ways while you sleep. Technology has become a part of our everyday lives and as a result marketing and distribution methods have evolved in the beauty industry as well. We will teach you how to run your hair business literally from your mobile device by utilizing, social media, a free website designed for you, auto-responders, text messaging and drip emails to name a few. Don’t be left out of this life changing course. Why should you continue to buy hair when you can buy a hair business and get paid. 

Million Dollar Brand Secrets Revealed- Tiana Von Johnson

This class is taught by world-renowned million dollar brand strategist Tiana Von Johnson. THIS IS A NO FLUFF, NO NONSENSE TRAINING THAT WILL GIVE YOU NEW IDEAS, NEW STRATEGIES, NEW WAYS TO MAKE MONEY AND AN OVERALL NEW VISION FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND BRAND. Tiana will teach you step-by-step how to build YOU as the brand first, then your business. She uses this strategy so anything you do works and turns to gold. She will walk you through how to DEFINE, DEVELOP, DELIVER AND LIVE your million dollar brand and beauty empire. Lastly she will teach you the art and business of speaking, platform selling, educating, building a coaching program, online courses, self-publishing books, launching products, launching a magazine, producing your own live events and so much more! Imagine what will happen if you start generating millions building YOUR dream, NOT someone else's dream. Tiana will show you how!

Photoshoots, Wigs and Revenue Ideas- Honey George

Like it or not wigs are back! There is a new market for proms, weddings, birthdays, photoshoots and more! With the boom of social media, clients are looking to make their precious moments stand out with images that include made over hair!Be apart of the movement! Catch this interactive "Look and Learn"/rapid fire mash up course. It will inspire you to rewrite your business plans to include special event hair and ideas on making more money! This course will teach you: *Razor techniques to remove bulkiness in a cut * How to overcome choppiness in a cut * Cutting kinky Curly Weaves *Tips for marketing to existing and potential clients (Razor tool available for purchase

More Business


Creating A Six-Figure Salon Income- Elisha Monique

Having an improper salon business structure is the #1 cause of most salon business failure. In this session, ElishaMonique will teach you her step-by-step blueprint on how to take your salon from "drab-to-fab" by creating a winning team, building clientele and managing your time effectively with her easy to follow 6 Step System to Creating a Six- Figure Income.

Promotion, Sales, & Specials: Advertise - Elisha Monique

Advertise your salon like the "Big Box Stores"! There are three principal aspects of advertising your salon business -Promotions, Sales and Specials...and NO, they are not the same. If you want to expand your salon business, then this session is for you. Come to learn the difference between the three and learn how to advertise and implement them like the "Big Box Stores", effectively without using the "Big Box Budget".

The Marketable Stylist- Torri Hammond

The Marketable Stylist Class description: So you’re a stylist, now what? Stop doing hair and start doing business! Let’s talk about it. There is no retirement in the end unless you create it. Building a marketable career is the objective. How to become your brand, why social media matters and how to use it effectively. Retail is the new income, so how come you don’t retail? Discover the who, what, why, and tap into the keys to unlock financial freedom as a marketable stylist. Together let’s start building a marketable career and empire!

Assume Your Position- Tish Sutton

This class is tailored to the Salon Owner/Manager. Whether your business is facing challenging times or in a stage of victory, you can always do better! Discover how to perform like a champion and take your business to the next level. Leadership is action not just a position. Come learn how to get your business back in line and ASSUME YOUR POSITION! Class

Brand Shift- Tish Sutton

Brand Shift Have you built your brand and now it needs a change? Rebranding a company & goals, message, and culture it can sometimes be difficult. A successful campaign requires more than a revamped logo. It demands a vision that inspires customers, investors, and others to see the company in a new light. Come learn successful tips to rebranding.

Stylist Recruitment and Retension-Q & A- Alfred Nartey

Stylist Recruitment and Retention. *How to compensate to Retaining the Stylist. * Use of Statistics to support suggested recruitment and retention techniques. * Styling Techniques ( including Extensions) to assist in Keeping the Stylist. * Involving the Stylists in Continuos Educational programs (including attendance of this types of seminars) * Have an Open forum for Q & A (



The Digital Stylists- Candra Ward

The Digital Stylists: Are you getting left behind? Have you been stuck when it comes to trying to figure out how you’re going to free up some of your time from behind the chair? This class is designed to teach professionals like yourself how to tremendously increase your income by learning how to create and use client sales funnels, digital tools & sources & streams of income that make you money in your sleep.

The Undiscovered Leader- Candra Ward

The Undiscovered Leader: Do you have a lot of wisdom & experience to share but are afraid that no one will listen? Have you thought about teaching a class or course but don’t know how to reach the people that will pay you? This class is specifically designed for the professional who desires to utilize their gifts and take their career to another level by helping others to grow in their life and business. You will learn how to fill a room with a small following.

ROUNDTABLE (Evening Event)

it's where like minded professionals meet in a room to discuss topics in a controlled manner. The audience talks to each other in small groups.. there's a group leader chosen to be the one that sums up what they discussed and tells the room some key points…  then the "Leaders in the industry" speak on those topics. This is held during the evening on Sunday. If you have a VIP ticket you're in. If not, there's a $30 cover charge in advance ($40 at door). Sit with Tomeka James and many others.

Cassandra Powell - Graduated beauty School.....Now What?

In the class Cassandra will discuss transitioning from beauty school to the salon

as well as discuss key points of her book "I Graduated Beauty School, Now


Speed Networking Breakfast- Monday Only

 Get involved, share professional backgrounds and business goals. Engage with as many people as possible. For each rotation, you have a set time – generally 1-2 minutes each – to introduce yourself and learn more about the other person, making speed networking highly efficient.




Financial Literacy Workshop -Finance 101- Keyon Corniffe

It’s time we learn the Secrets to Building and Preserving wealth for the future. You will learn the best ways to save, & invest by understanding and comprehension.


•Building a Financial foundation

•Understanding The Wealth Formula

•How to Pay Yourself

•Using The Rule Of 72

•What’s Inflation

•Understanding Taxes

•Master Budgeting & more.

You must learn now and plan for your future which is right around the corner. It’s time you learn how to make money work for you and not against you.





Detachable Sewn Weave - DSW- Tomeka James/Weave X-Perts Team

The Detachable Sewn Weave is not a wig. It does come off at your leisure. It’s specially made to stay on for 1-2. Months. You remove it, clean it, then attach it again. It’s like magic for the weaving community. It fits like a glove because special measurements are taken. No measuring tape will be used. Tomeka James created this technique, so watch her share the details. 

Styling your LaceFronts/LaceWigs with Janel

Once you have mastered the application you still have to finish the look. Let Janel show you a variety of styling techniques that will separate you from the pack and give your lacefronts a trendsetting personality. Learn a few lace application tips, wedding style go to’s, up dos, short styles, dry waves and more!!!

Short And Sassy- Muffen Moses

Weaving at its best.A little change makes a lot of difference on the outcome of your weave.In this class you will learn techniques of weaving for short hair cuts, braiding techniques, the perfect closing, and placement techniques using 27 piece hair with blending the use of frontals for particular styles. You will also learn various cutting techniques to blend hair and get a natural and sassy look. Stylists will become more effective in doing weaves and making them look as natural as your other clients.

Why weaves- Muffen Moses

In this class you will learn how to place a closure without using adhesive, by using a specific stitch method. We will also discuss how to help client choose between closures and frontal weaves for their service, and helping them understand all risks involved. Nobody is discussing the hair loss epidermic when it comes to installing these weaves, before leaving this class you will understand the type of consultation needed to help client choose the best method for them. You will also understand the business when it comes to installing and servicing Weaves and Wigs . These services are profitable to your business when done properly.

DBU- Detachable Bonded Unit w. Frontal - Tomeka James

In need of an emergency unit with a Frontal but don’t have the time to make a sewn wig. This unit uses a weaving net and is created by bonding hair while the client is present. There's a special way to make sure the unit doesn't become attached while it's being created. You'll see how to do measurements just in case you want to make a unit later.

Pixie Wigs on A Sewing Machine- Teresa Smith

-  Track Placement, Caps,  Hair Selection are just a few things to know prior to whipping out your sewing machine.  See how short cuts are done one the machine.




Ever wonder how they get the weaves to be flat.  Stop choosing to only use the circle or the straight back braids. We will show you how to choose the proper pattern for your braids. There are OVER 20 ways to choose from. Tomeka James- the author of the book “Braiding Patterns for Weaves” and creator of the Weave X-Perts Team will explain. Come experience the differences! This class is for the novice and the advanced professional.  After this class you will be able to weave like a WEAVE X-PERT.

CROCHET WEAVE - Weave-X-Perts Intl. Team

We all know that crochet’s back, and it’s back with a vengeance. Learn all about different crochet techniques with the newest range innovative crochet braiding hair. Our Weave X-Perts will demonstrate how to install and style the hair so that you can keep up with the latest trends in hair fashion.  

Customizing/ Melting Lace- Shauna Sterling -Bold Hold

Lace Customizing with proper bleaching method, tweezing, and how to apply using bold hold products.


The Weave X-Perts will teach you how to Create Wigs with a closure added for a natural look that will last your client from 8 months to a year. People who are experiencing loss of hair due to illness or trauma to the head will enjoy the custom fitted wigs which do not require the client to be present due to the fact that her measurements are taken. These wigs can be customized according to color and texture. No more loose fitting, Bulky Un-natural looking wigs.

Customizing Lace Frontals - Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Customizing Lace Frontals- (just the plucking/lace coloring stuff)
Prior to attaching a Lace Frontal you must prep the lace, or pluck the hairs, or set the hair, or bleach the knots, or add a band. This session is just for the prep work that a Frontal needs.The question there only 1 way to do all these things or multiple ways? SIt in this session to find out.

Detachable Side Units - Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Everyone Wants To Be Versatile, Adaptable, And The All Around Person! IF This You Or Might It Be Your Client? In This Class We’ll Dive Into The Multipurpose World Of Detachable Side Units! Today They May Want To Be Rihanna With One Side Shaved One Side Long. Tomorrow They May Want To Be Meagan Good With One Side Shaved The Other Braided. After Attending This Class You’ll Leave With A Wealth Of Knowledge And Techniques On How To Perform Any Side Unit Needed For You Or Your Client!



DSW on a Sewing Machine- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Are you tired of doing a full sewn weave by HAND, for a client that returns to get the same style done? You can charge double the rate of a sewn weave for this servi. Let us show you the benefits. No more removing a weave track by track. Learn to take the client’s measurements. Clients need not be present while this full unit is being made. You get to whip out your sewing machine and move extremely fast. You can thoroughly shampoo, blow-dry, treat/ condition client’s hair, remove and/ or reapply in a matter of minutes.

DSW Top Units- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

This unit is created for the top of the head where the hair may be thinning or balding. Learn to take the client’s measurements. Clients need not be present while the unit is being made. You can thoroughly shampoo, blow-dry, treat/ condition client’s hair, Remove and/ or reapply in a matter of minutes. Make this unit in house opposed to buying a pre-made unit that may not fit.
Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Faux locs -Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Are you a stylist who’s tired of letting dollars walk out the salon to go to the nearest braiding shop? Would you like to learn the many different ways to achieve the latest and greatest trendy faux locs styles? Close your eyes and imagine being able to have an arsenal of techniques to achieve faux locs on any head sent your way! In this class you’ll learn the top 3 ways to complete a full head of faux locs. Whether your client wants individuals, crochet faux locs or individuals and crochet blend,  You’ll be able to execute all three! Don’t hesitate come look and learn and dive into the cultivating and trendy world of faux locs!

Flawless Lace Closures Application- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Learn how to attach a Closure unit to your Full weave. You will discover the right way to attach the elastic band to the closure for flawless looks. Meet up with the right tools to have success. It may have been difficult in the past, but after this class you will understand how to hit the nail on the head each and every time

Full Sewn Weave-  Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

If your sewn weave does not look good you need to be in this class. The way you braid and sew the hair in has a tremendous effect on the outcome. Learn to choose the correct hair and how far apart to sew each track. Learn the secret to closing the top of your weave so that it is flat and natural looking

Full Sewn Weave- With No Hairline- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Your client‏ may not want to wear a wig because she's too embarrassed to take it off every night. You know that you can sew onto the existing hair that she has. But the question remains- How do I get the tracks to be attached to the location of the natural hair line. Learn the tricks that the Weave X-Perts know. You will leave with so much information that you'll be on IG/ FB telling everyone how you can't wait to execute your new technique.



HAIR CLIPS FOR FREEDOM- - Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Hair clips and fullness can be done so a minimal amount of clips can be created for a client. Introducing the sewing machine just makes it faster and even more durable. Create an entire business from this technique alone.

Malaysian Weave- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Learn how to sew in tracks without the use of braids to achieve the all natural look that your client would love. The client’s hair is left free between each row. This is never done in the hairline area. The client can even wear a ponytail.

Latch hooking for Closure in an hour or less- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

The client may want a part BUT does not want to leave their own hair out due to the fact that it may be a different color or texture from the weave. This is NOT the invisible part technique. Yet it looks amazingly natural just simply cut the hairs from the weft and attach them with a special tool. This method is used for closure or for creating a natural part effect. It's a must see!

Mekani- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Microlinks are needed to attach the weft and that’s all. No Braids, glue or sewing. It’s new and fast. Created by Tomeka James. This technique is performed using Microlinks, wefted hair, closing tool (LOOK & LEARN CLASS)

Malaysian/Mekani and Braids! Same head! - Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Weave X-Perts show how you use the three techniques listed below to give your client a full natural looking weave. We want to show you how to incorporate several techniques on the same head. Half of your clients head will be braided and half will not, but tracks will be added (Using No Braid Weaving techniques) to create a full weave with a supernatural look! This pattern can be found in Tomeka James’ Braiding Patterns for Weaving book.

Man Unit

Let’s talk about how all men aren’t ready for the process of hair loss. Men want to look young and vibrant too. In this class, you will see the preparation and application methods used to attach a unit for natural/ realistic looking hair. A mixture of hairstyling and barbering skills are utilized to get the job done. Come watch the magical transformation.



Protective Quick Weaves- WEI

Your base is extremely important for this technique even though track placement technique is important. Get the secret sauce to keeping the glue away from the natural hair. Your client will be able to achieve a beautiful style while avoiding the glue touching their natural hair. See how to protect the client’s hair from the glue while allowing them to be able to shampoo this weave.

Roll-N-Sew - Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

A no braid extension technique...a chin strap is needed to hold the roll. A fast simple way to attach a weft without a braid. Can’t braid and want to put in extensions.  This technique is just for you! Create longer fuller hair fast and simple with this no glue and braidless technique. Learn to secure the hair wefts in without any slippage.Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Safe Frontals-- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team- Tomeka James

Ready to Slay your Frontals! Are you concerned about the client’s hairline? Want to save the day! Tomeka James/ The Weave X-Perts show exactly how perform application of the Lace Frontal without the use of adhesives. Capture the attention of those that want longevity and a full hairline. She will also discuss adhesive methods too.
Watch, ask questions, and enjoy the frontals class. See what you've been trying to figure out. Frontals allow the client that has a thinning hairline the chance to get a new full hairline. This fashionable technique is also for the clients that love trends yet have a full hairline. There are multiple ways to attach them. Come and see the differences.

Simply Sewn Closures - Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Avoiding Full Sewn Weaves Because You Simply Can’t Get The Last And Final Step? The Closure! The Wait Is Over. It’s Time To Learn What Top Notch Weave Technicians Are Doing To Achieve That Flawless And Seamless Sewn Closure. Don’t Continue To Just Get By, Drown In The Depths Of Simply Sewn Closures.

Sewing Machine meets Wigs/ Lace Closure- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

How fast can you sew by hand? Wanna learn how to use a sewing Machine to create units quickly? The Weave X-Perts are taking you to the next level. The next question is.....Do you know how to measure for a custom fit?  Do you know how to properly apply a closure? Be on time...this class will be packed!Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.


NO braids or sewing will be done for this method. You need to learn the proper placement and removal techniques to be successful. This allows you to service a multicultural clientele. Tape in extensions are very flexible and flat. Add this one to your arsenal of techniques.


4-in-1 Extension Workshop Deal- Lance McBrayer

This course will teach you everything you need to know about four different and popular Extension techniques. For each extension technique, the Segments include: tools, consultation, preparation, installation, blending and styling, aftercare, maintenance, and removal.

You'll learn four of our professional installation methods (Micro Link (I-Tip/Flat Tip), Keratin Bond, Shrinkies and Tape-In), the most necessary tools, and, of course, our smiling and informative master educator and professional stylist, Lance McBrayer.

What you'll learn

   1. How to install and blend four types of professional hair extension methods
   2. How to expertly maintain and remove hair extensions
   3. How to determine the quantity of hair that a client needs
   4. How to properly place strands and wefts
   5. You’ll learn the four steps of proper blending
   6. How to price an installation and bolster your revenue

Wholesale Access:
Receive access to wholesale pricing for life!




Track Placement- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

So you can sew or bond the hair in, but you can't figure out the direction the hair should be placed to achieve a particular result. We can help! See several placement options. *Color Separation *The Bob style  *Curly hair methods *Off The Face Tracks

UPDOS FOR NATURAL HAIR - Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Pin ups that are neat or sloppy have taken over. When hair needs to be added, it must be properly done. If they don’t need hair added, you should know how to create the looks without additional hair. Join this class to learn how to #pullup!

Wig Frenzi - Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Wigs are customized and controlled by the stylist. Keep the clients coming to you instead of the beauty supply. Master using elastic bands, caps/bases, clips, color, lace customization, and more. Make natural looking wigs after this class

Crochet DSW Unit w. Faux locs or Natural textured hair-  Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Natural hair weaves are on the rise. See how to braid the hair down. Crochet one area but make the other area removable.  This is great for transitioning out of the relaxer and great for thinning areas. You will see Faux loc application / natural textured hair application.  The world of weaving is constantly changing. Are you prepared?Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.



Heads up!- Micheline Barber

Mpact your mind with explosive techniques to broaden your creativity by incorporating unique styling and makeup tips. Slayed up, Heads up!

The Bevel Cut Technique- Honey George

THE BEVEL CUT HANDS ON COURSE Would you like to add an amazing technique to your service menu? Would you like to learn the secret of training hair to tuck under with just a simple cutting method? Take this interactive "Look and Learn" course to discover the secret of cutting and not relying on the styling tool to bring it forward. This course will show you: *Proper hand and back posture *The bevel cutting technique *How to market this service to clients (Bevel tool available for purchase)



Invisible Movement- The Patric Bradley Way

Patric Bradley is going to break all the rules while helping you understand hair cutting in a controlled, creative, and precise environment. Learn how to create invisible movement, interior gradation, create form in less than 10 min, and create maximum texture using either the Patric Bradley Signature Shears or Feather Razor. This class will have you on the edge of your seats with knowledge.

Clipper Cutting Bobs- Teresa Smith

 Once your weave is applied- it's time to do a quick cut . Pull out your clippers and slay that bob in minutes. See how it's done!



personal development


Are You Holding Yourself Back- TMG

How can you move forward if you are holding yourself back? Let’s have real dialogue about what you need to do to get motivated to do more with your gifts. Let’s work on changing your thinking for a better outcome. Let’s set plans in motion to move your styling career to the next level of success. Let’s keep it real and work towards a better outcome, now and for the future!!!!

You Got Way More in You ....Where is it?- Tomeka James

Join the book signing workshop
Tomeka James- CEO of Extensions Expo Show/ Author of "You Got Way More in You...Where is it?" will be conducting a session just for you to determine what's next for you. Take advantage of ordering your copy of her book now so they don't sell out. Pick up your copy at the show, then sit in on the magical session that will alter your life immediately. It's amazing what Tomeka brings out of people so effortlessly. SUNDAY at 11 am meet her at MainStage with your book/pen. Be Open / ready.












Bonded wigs are the way to go to maintain the longevity of your client’s hair. Learn everything you need to know about custom wig creation in this class. From measuring, creating, fitting, styling, and figure out the direction the hair should be placed to achieve a particular result. We can help! See several placement options. *Color Separation *The Bob style  *Curly hair methods *Off The Face Tracks for a custom unit. We’ll be showing you how to do that step-by-step, and we’ll also be sharing our top tips on maintaining the unit afterwards. 



Wig Mold- How to take measurements for Units- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Learn how to measure your clients head and make a custom mold to service your client when they’re not around. **Learn to create a custom unit for each client. Send your client home and let them relax while you create them a custom wig/ detachable sewn wig/ bonded wig, or even customize any wig.  Using the wig mold technique your client will have their own wig mold.

CUSTOM BONDED WIG- Weave X-Perts Intl. Team

Learn how to take your clients exact head measurements so that you can create a wig without them being present. This is perfect for the clients who like to change their styles often. This is especially great for people suffering from hair loss due to Cancer and scalp disorders.


Hiar Care / Natural Hair


Plant-Based Hair Products- Dondi Martin

Generate wealth by promoting Health with Plant based hair products This class will be packed with knowledge and information that will change your life. As we see more and more health problems occurring in people at much younger ages, customers are researching and looking for more natural-based products, rather than chemicals with their hair care. Learn the benefits of using plant-based products to care for your client’s hair, while promoting long term health and generating wealth. This class will show you how to earn passive income 10 different ways by taking advantage of the direction the market is trending for customers by using less chemicals to care for their hair. Don’t miss this opportunity to change the lives of others and build generational wealth for your family.

Lets Talk Hair Texture Control- Rhea Pettway

Welcome to the world of Texture! As a hairstylist for 18+ years and dealing with the ups and downs of trying to learn how to maintain all textures on the heads of women and men. Rhea Pettway is bringing you Hair Texture Control!! In this class you’ll learn how she effectively put to memory all the texture classifications. Got a true understanding of where each texture lives and thrives for optimum healthy sustainable curls. Mastered the breakdown of texture manipulation to get long lasting shine, definition, and style. Get your answers to “What /why there is an A, B, C to the texture guide?” Be able to differentiate between a spiral, coil, and zig-zag curl pattern, and lastly, effectively be able to explain CML (Curl Memory Loss) not to be confused with HD (Heat Damage)!! By the end of this class, whether you are a beginner with natural hair clients, or a master in the natural hair community of stylist, you’re going to walk away with an extra tool to help you grow and maintain your salon business and clientele.

What Lies Beneath- Princess Canty -Bronner Bros

What Lies Beneath? While a commercial install affords you a lot of versatility, and protects your hair at the same time, you can't neglect your own hair while wearing hair weavings and protective styles. You should not sacrifice the health of your hair for any style ever. Bronner Brothers Professional hair care system will educate you on the proper techniques and products that will ensure integrity, longevity and the health of your hair. Join us in the “FIGHT AGAINST HAIR LOSS”.




Tree K Braiding- Kristy Beke

Give the illusion of a Full weave without the weft.  








Maximize your WEAVE COLOR BIZ Income in 72 hours- Dave Ray

Coloring extensions can be a challenge for many stylists. Our team will bring you tried and true concepts and techniques to improve the way you expand your color services; driving more new clients to your doors. Come sit in our class and have your questions answered.

Blondes Unsurpassed- Patric Bradley

Join Patric Bradley as he takes you on an educational Blonde journey, from a creative and toning side. Leave your fear at the door and walk out confident and full of ideas. Patric is one of the world’s greats and he is ready to pour into you, so every Blonde will be unsurpassed.

3D Color Series - Coloring Extensions- Stephanie Luster

Adding dimension in hair color helps extensions appear to be more natural.

Color placement, brush strokes, and blending techniques can all make

commercial hair color beautifully without damaging it. In this class, learn:

-The difference between coloring natural and commercial hair

-Matching hair color for natural leave out and extensions

-How to keep the integrity of commercial hair during color processes

-Coloring for the cut

-Track placement for seamless color